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Handmade Embellishments

If you're looking for a way to add a little bit of excitement to your web presence, than look no further than our stickers! We love making friends with nature and these little miners are from our stickers group, which you can find at store. They're simple to make, and add a touch of luxury to your otherwise simple web presence.

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Our embellishments are made from high-quality, hand-made materials. We offer a variety of blue snowflakes and envelopes to wear on your shoulders or around your neck. Some also have labels and stickers to keep your secrets safe and secure.
we are happy to offer our latest addition to the handmade embellishments genre, 2 round stickers. These great looking stickers are made with a attention to detail and style that will make your friends and family love you for your unique perspective of the year ahead. With a selection of different designs to suit every need, we can't wait to see what you come up with in the new year!
our mini crochet benefits from the natural beauty of the colors that we see around us. We found five unique colors of crotchety that are fun and update your? that will add interest to your fashion statement. Each study piece is created with care and love for the craft.
our flowers are crocheted with a mini crochet stitch? , that makes them bigger and easier to crochet. This makes for a more complex and advanced crochet skill set. But, it also makes for a more challenging and rewarding crochet project.
our blooms are mini crochet-'d with a fun and funky embroidery that will add a touch of pop to your outfit. Ourcrochet embellishments will make your outfit stand out and will be a fun and easy project to make. Is a set of four ( browser freeto shop for you ) that will add interest to your outfit and will be a fun and easy project to make.